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DPC ceramics. Four Point Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

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  1.Wear resistance:the silicon content in the inner ceramic layer of silicon nitride ceramic is very high,and its Vickers hardness can reach 1000-1800.DPC ceramics.Therefore,it has very high wear resistance.Compared with the quenched medium carbon steel,its wear resistance can be nearly ten times higher,even better than the tungsten carbide.

  2.Corrosion resistance:silicon nitride ceramic belongs to neutral material,its chemical function is very stable,and it has very excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance.It can achieve good resistance to various inorganic acids,organic acids,organic solvents,etc.,and its corrosion resistance can reach more than ten times of that of stainless steel.

  3.Heat resistant function:silicon nitride ceramic has excellent heat-resistant function.The upper limit of heat-resistant temperature can reach 2000℃,and it can work normally for a long time between-50℃and-900℃.

  4.Easy to weld:silicon nitride ceramics can even be connected by connecting external steel pipes.DPC ceramics.

DPC ceramics

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